Fundraising the film:

We recently launched an Indiegogo campaign and successfully surpassed our goal of $20,000! We thank all of the people that contributed, and we are very excited to move forward. Watch the video below to hear our “pitch” for the film.


Premise of the Documentary:


The Cigarette Surfboards symbolize our single-use throw away culture and its effects on our oceans. The mentality of the “flick” (out of sight, out of mind) can be understood as a larger metaphor for how humans are polluting our oceans.

The surfboards will be utilized as a starting point to share the innovative approaches that individuals, communities, organizations and industries around the globe are implementing to protect our oceans. We plan to cover ecological, technological, social, and cultural solutions that will inspire people to become more involved.

We will use the film as a way to help preserve surfing’s message and history. We believe it is our obligation as surfers to have a positive impact on the health of our oceans. Through our travels, we will connect with internationally acclaimed surfers to ride a variety of cigarette surfboards, helping us to better understand the roots and modernization of the sport and its reliance on a healthy ocean. 

What you'll be watching:

We intend to provide tools for individuals to take action, and to inspire people to become more mindful about how their habits impact our oceans.


The structure of the film:

The Problem

  • A brief history of the cigarette filter and single-use plastic

  • The origin of the “flick” (as immortalized by film and media)

  • The mentality of the “flick”, and other types of littering - the “out of sight, out of mind” ideology

  • The effects of cigarette butt pollution and single-use plastics on water quality, marine ecosystems, animals, humans, and economies

  • The impact of big industries and governments vs. the impact of the individual consumer

  • What do the implications of a polluted ocean mean for everyone?

Surf + Culture

  • An honest history of surfing and the evolution of surf culture

  • What are the core values of surfing, and how does this translate to ocean health issues?

  • Why do surfers and the surf industry have a moral obligation to be stewards of the sea?

  • Are surfers and the surf industry taking enough action to help protect the oceans?

  • How can everyday surfers and the surf industry be leaders in ocean health advocacy?

Creative Solutions

  • Technological, ecological, social, cultural, and design/artistic solutions

  • Clean-up and prevention projects

  • The vital role of the youth

  • The power of individuals, industries, and politics to shift the paradigm and make a change

  • Educate and inspire viewers with a range of solutions, small and big

  • Provide viewers with the tools to take their own action


Who would be interested in watching this?


We are creating a film for people who are interested in surfing, the current state of our oceans’ health, and what’s being done to improve it. Whether coastal or landlocked, ocean health is pertinent to all humans. From surfers to cigarette smokers, to people young and old: this film is for you.