Help us continue to make our independent, self-funded, creative passion project of a film a reality! Here’s a list of our proposed donation amounts - just click on the donate button above. We are extremely thankful for any and all help!

Amount: $10 (Hungry Hamilton)

The Ciggy Board Boys have to eat something to survive. With this donation, we'll be able to buy a burrito while building boards and filming. We promise you, no fine dining.

Amount: $25 (Fire in the Hole!)

Ciggy Boards don't just rise from the ashes. We need materials for building, including eco-friendly resin and fiberglass. $25 will help keep all the butts in the board!

Amount: $50 (Keep on Truckin’)

Cigarette butts are everywhere, and so are we. This $50 will help us hop on a train or buy some gas to keep going.

Amount: $100 (No More Mini-Van Nights)

If you don’t know, Ben slept a night in the mini-van rental in Hawaiʻi. $100 keeps us off the streets, and in a real bed for a night. No more towels as blankets.

$500 or more - reach out to us first, so we can discuss a tax-deductible donation option.

Amount: $500 (Sugar Mama)

This could be equipment insurance for half a year, or the materials to build the Cigarette Longboard. You're a big shot, and we bow down to you.

Amount: $1000 (The “Flick” Enforcer)

Does it just hurt you deep down to watch someone flick a ciggy butt? Well, it pains us too. With this donation, you’re funding a round trip ticket for both of us, in our efforts to capture captivating stories around the world.

Amount $2500 (The Butt Abolisher)

Wow, you must really hate cigarette butts! Donate $2,500 and we'll do a clean-up at your local beach, then use the butts in our newest board.

Enter Your Own Amount

Currently self-funded through donations and our own savings, we hope to retain our independence and keep on creating freely. Your donation of any amount helps us keep the Cigarette Surfboard dream alive. Please don't make us take the Marlboro blood money!