Fundraising the film

In December 2017, we launched our Indiegogo campaign and successfully surpassed our goal of $20,000! We thank all of the people that contributed, and this funding helped us begin a major part of production. Watch the video below to hear our original “pitch” for the film. While some things have changed through the course of production, our core values and ideas remain the same.


Premise of the Film

We were just two average surfers when this all began; we had no idea that cigarette butts were made of plastic, nor that they were the most littered item in the world, nor that functional surfboards could be made from them. The film documents Taylor’s journey as he builds a full quiver of Cigarette Surfboards, each board lighter, stronger, and more functional than the last. As we travel locally and globally, we learn more and more through the lenses of science, political activism, local community action, government policy, and individual habit change, about what has been done, and what more we can do.

In order to spark action within the surfing community, professional surfers ride the Cigarette Surfboards in world class waves and provide valuable perspectives on the role of surfers in fighting for a healthy ocean. We are covering stories that provide a framework for viewers to take action in their personal lives. The film acts as a catalyst to engage people in these efforts, and we intend to redefine what it means to be a surfer in this modern, environmentally impacted world.

What you'll be watching:

Photos by: Ben Judkins, Hannah Yamamoto, Dan Lorch

Themes of the Film

The Problem

  • The mentality of the “flick”, and other types of littering - the “out of sight, out of mind” ideology

  • The effects of cigarette butt pollution and single-use plastics on water quality, marine ecosystems, animals, humans, and economies

  • The impact of big industries and governments vs. the impact of the individual consumer

Surf + Culture

  • What are the core values of surfing, and how does this translate to ocean health issues?

  • Why do surfers and the surf industry have a moral obligation to be stewards of the sea?

  • Are surfers and the surf industry taking enough action to help protect the oceans?

  • How can everyday surfers and the surf industry be leaders in ocean health advocacy?

Creative Solutions

  • Technological, ecological, social, cultural, and design/artistic solutions

  • Clean-up and prevention projects

  • The vital role of the youth

  • Educate and inspire viewers with a range of solutions, small and big

  • Provide viewers with the tools to take their own action


Who would be interested in watching this?

We are creating a film for people who are interested in surfing, the current state of our oceans’ health, and what’s being done to improve it. Whether coastal or landlocked, ocean health is pertinent to all humans. From surfers to cigarette smokers, to people young and old: this film is for you.