12.15.18 - Less Plastic with Amanda Keetley

Video highlighting the issues of plastic pollution and the importance of taking responsibility by reducing plastic in our personal lives & professional roles. Find out how YOU can make a difference by using #LessPlastic as an individual and in your organisation: www.lessplastic.co.uk

Video and Edit by Ben Judkins and Taylor Lane

Animation by Alex Kalomeris http://www.alexkalomeris.com/

Music by Getaway Dogs https://getawaydogs.bandcamp.com/

10.13.18 - First Rain, Los Angeles

The first rain after long, hot summer months often fills waterways with discarded everyday items, forgotten but never gone; all our waste, garbage, trash, plastic, styrofoam, pollution, runoff, shit etc. on land inevitably make the journey through rivers, creeks, and streams all the way to the sea; land and water are inextricably interconnected. Landlocked or coastal, we all rely on the sea for the air we breathe, and in turn we all affect the sea with our consumption and waste habits; this was shot in one hour on one small segment of one creek from one bigger river in one big city on one tiny spec of the earth; our collective actions really do add up. Our cultural out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality is toxic and this flow of trash is a reminder that there truly is no “away”; prevention and stopping production of virgin single-use plastics at the source is far more effective than any clean-up measure; we live in a plastic world but it doesn’t mean we as consumers have to perpetuate the problem. As much as you can, refuse to use single-use plastics; and as surfers, we have an indisputable obligation and opportunity to fight for the ocean… Filmed at Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, Los Angeles, California 10.13.2018, 7-8 AM by Ben Judkins Learn more at thecigarettesurfboard.com Music - Getaway Dogs getawaydogs.bandcamp.com Surfer - Fergal Smith, Ireland Copyright 2018 Ciggy Butt Boys Productions

6/9/18 - The Cigarette Surfboard in The Netherlands

In celebration of World Oceans Day, we took The Cigarette Surfboard out to the North Sea in The Netherlands for its maiden voyage. Though the ocean has no voice, we believe that it is our obligation as surfers and non-surfers alike to address the urgency of the many threats it faces by starting with tangible solutions everyone can make. Reduce your consumption of single-use plastics and plastic in general. Choose reusable utensils, bottles and other necessity items. Don’t flick your butts (they’re made of plastic). Carry an old mint tin, stash 'em and ditch 'em in the trash later. Go for a surf and snag some trash on your way in — it’s not going to pick itself up. Little things can make big differences, and by being part of something bigger than yourself is how we can start to solve the world's many problems. Thanks to Getaway Dogs for the song, getawaydogs.bandcamp.com