Below are a handful of interviews we have done with some rad folks.

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Parley Interview

Taylor Lane designed an award-winning surfboard from the most common form of beach litter. That's just the beginning. We asked him what's next. 


STAB Magizine Article 

Last evening Vissla presented the finalists of its Creators and Innovators Upcycle Contest, a summer-long competition wherein participants are pushed to design a functional, upcycled surf craft. For those who don’t shop at the farmers' market, upcycling is when rich white people go dumpster diving to find a trendy use for previously discarded items. It's basically cultural appropriation of the homeless but also a decidedly positive movement. Trash is treasure and so forth.  


The Inertia

This Surfboard Made From Cigarette Butts Is a Powerful Statement About Pollution.



Over the last year or so, Taylor Lane made an effort to collect every cigarette butt he could from the beaches up and down California. An industrial designer by trade, Lane borrowed from his experiences building posture-perfect backpacks and self-sustaining wall gardens in an effort to solve the age-old issue of butts in the sand and surfers’ quest to eliminate them.