Since entering the realm of ocean conservation, we've learned a few simple things that we figured are worth sharing.


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Easy Reusables

Invest in reusable water bottles, utensils, bags, and containers - and remember to bring them with you. Over time, this will save you money as well. Be creative - bring cutlery from home. Mason jars are hip. Why pay for water? It's nearly free from the tap. Metal, wood, and glass are great alternatives to plastic.

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For Smokers

  • Roll your own - filters are made from plastic, and offer no health benefits
  • Switch it up - use a pipe!
  • Lighters are made from plastic - cardboard matches aren’t, and have less of an environmental impact
  • Toss the butt in a mint tin rather than litter
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Deny until you Die

Try to avoid single-use plastic items like straws, utensils, razors, flossers, containers, plastic bags and bottles. Margaritas are great, but straws suck - make it a habit to ask for a drink without one. Reducing your plastic consumption in the first place is always better than recycling.